Lunar Gala 2017 - Sonder


February 2017


Carnegie Mellon University

Lunar Gala Fashion Show​


Michelle Cho

Catherine Zheng

Lynzky Deleon

Sound Designer & Engineer – Scott MacDonald

Production Designer – Kenny Cohen

Media Design Coordinator – Deborah Lee

Director of Photography – Sam Molitoriss

Voice Actor – Safiya Harris

          The Lunar Gala Fashion Show is an annual event at Carnegie Mellon University based around the Lunar New Year.  It combines fashion, design, and dance into a highly anticipated one-night-only event. Now one of the largest fashion events in Pittsburgh, the show tickets 1200+ seats each year and is produced by a team of over 140 students. 

          Sound Design for this event consisted of working with the line designers to select music for each line, creating extended edits and mash-ups, recording voice-over content, managing and cueing all audio content for the production, and sound system design and engineering.

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