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Louis the Child  Concert

September 2016


Carnegie Mellon University

AB Coffeehouse

Louis the Child

Opener: jakeisrain

System Designer & Engineer – Scott MacDonald

Lighting Design – Kenny Cohen

System Overview:

  • Mains: 2x EAW LA325 with L-Acoustics 115, 4x EAW SB528

  • Monitors: 2x L-Acoustics 115 top with EAW 128 sub

  • Console: Yamaha CL3

          This was the first concert of Carnegie Mellon University’s “Black Box” series, held in the brand-new university center studio theater. At roughly 50’x50’, the space is sized similarly to a small club, and we needed concert-level sound in a small footprint. Working from inventory, I combined several different components of our “stock" systems to best suit the needs of the event. While I'm a fan of the EAW LA325, I also feel they can be a bit harsh. The L-Acoustic 115 stacked on top allowed me to achieve a higher a SPL with a fuller sound. Robby and Freddy put on a great show and overall it was a very enjoyable event to work on.

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