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Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out - Program
Hear Me Out - Pull Your Pants Up


December 2017

Carnegie Mellon University

School of Drama Playground XV

Created & Directed by Scott MacDonald


Sound System Design – Scott MacDonald

Lighting Design – Sam Molitoriss

The Program Blurb:

– How can sound design augment the performance of spoken word poetry?

– In what ways can spoken word be a motivator or inspirational source for sound design concepts?

– What would a true integration of these two forms of storytelling and communication sound like? 

          Some sound designers and performers collaborated to tackle these questions, combine these elements, and hear what happens. We present to you several short stories, narratives, and points of view, both poetic and not. We hope you’ll hear us out. 



Jaron Crawford, Kayla Stokes, Jamie Phanekham, Paloma Sierra-Hernandez, Bronwyn Donohue, Hagan Oliveras

Sound Designers:

Anthony Stultz, Scott MacDonald, Nicholas Erickson, Paula HalpernJavier Galarza

Hear Me Out - Schneewittchen
Hear Me Out Drafting - Ground Plan
Hear Me Out Drafting - Section
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