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Carnegie Mellon University President Appointment

March 2018


Carnegie Mellon University

Official Announcement of the new

University President Farnam Jahanian

System Designer & Engineer – Scott MacDonald

Project Manager – Kenny Cohen

System Overview:

  • Main L-C-R: 1x Frazier CAT594 and 2x L-Acoustics 115

  • Front Fills: 2x L-Acoustics 108p

  • Delays: 2x L-Acoustics 108p

  • Console: Yamaha QL1

  • Provided press and streaming support

          Although a straight-forward event, this project has an interesting story. One week prior to the event, I received a phone call from the project manager asking if I was available, since my expertise had been requested by event organizers. The details of the event had to remain private, but I was told it needed to “sound perfect.”

          One non-disclosure agreement later (now expired), I was informed the event was to announce the appointment of a new university president. The board of trustees, school community, and local press would be in attendance. 

          The event was primarily speech with some pre- and post-show music. I utilized a Frazier CAT594, which is fantastic for vocal-reinforcement, L-Acoustics 115 cabinets for L/R music coverage, and also included a delay zone to accommodate the length of the room. The event was standing-room only, so hanging the delay speakers was definitely worthwhile!

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